Iqra Foundation witnessing a historic event with the opening of the Farouk college of education

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التاريخ : 2016-11-18
تصنيف المادة : الأخبار
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Praises are due to Allah with whose favours good deeds gets completed, the one who fulfils hopes and wishes, peace and blessings be upon the teacher (Muhammad) of humanity and the guider of mankind to what is good for Life and after death. After that; in implementing the second among the several objectives of the Foundation, which seeks to secure both circular and Islamic education for Muslim children in West African Countries, for them to be beneficial to themselves, their nation and their religion, in realization of this objective the Foundation runs and has adopted schools, centres and colleges in West Africa, through secured curriculum, financial support for teachers, building of classrooms, schools and institutions, the Foundation has over 250 classrooms and learning centres distributable in over 60 schools and institutions some of which are directly under the Foundation and others belongs to institutions which the Foundation supports .
One of the most important institutions under the Foundation is Farouk College of Education in the city of Wenchi which was handed over to the Foundation in the year 2005 from Muntada Al Islamiy to run the institution, which previously had Kindergarten, Primary and Junior levels only and during this time over hundreds of students were graduated and the institution won several awards as one of the best educational institution in the region. The school has played important role in educating the children of Wenchi and its surrounding since its establishment in 1992.
As education system improves in Ghana, the Government introduced a free education policy for all levels that lead to an increasing number of schools around the region and beyond, it therefore became a necessity to stop the school and transform it to a Teacher Training College which will embody different fields, after studying the proposal, the Foundation’s Board of Directors approved the transformation and the Foundation’s administrative office started the process and linking up with relevant institutions and offices headed by Sheikh Mohammed Almu who was the former director of the Foundation and the ‘then’ College, by the Grace of Almighty Allah and upon follow-up the Ministry of Education accepted the proposal and outlined conditions, most important being; renovation of current structures to enable the visit of the accreditation board for inspection, it is from there the renovation process started, with change of ceiling, floor tiles, rewiring, painting and others. The renovation expenses was covered up by its original sponsors for over the years, may Allah bless them and replace them with good. The renovation process was also aided by some philanthropist from the Holy Two Lands – may Allah protect it and its people from all evils.
It was thereafter; a ministerial committee visited the site and confirmed its suitability upon which the college was given a registration number which made it to be the first Islamic College of Education to be given a Registration Certificate. Alhamdulillah!! At this stage, the Ministry entered into partnership with us (Iqra Foundation) in transforming the college and supported us with funds for the construction of administration block, teacher’s bungalow, a car for administration works and also appointed teaching and non teaching staffs.
After months of administrative procedures, the Ministry suggested we open up admissions for intake resulting from the need of the region to the college though some of the buildings are yet to be completed. Admission notice was sent across the region, and forms where sold out to prospective students and qualified candidates where offered admission .
The Commissioning date was announced to be Thursday, the 17 of November, 2016, and a surprised reached us that, the President of the Republic would be present at the commissioning ceremony, immediately the Board of Directors appointed the Deputy General Secretary in the person of Sheikh Bandar Al Bishri to represent them at the function.
Invitation was sent to the 10 Regional Imams of Ahlus-Sunnah, Islamic Personalities, Political Parties Representatives, and Traditional Rulers .
The occasion was graced by important personalities and the Muslim leadership across the country to participate in the ceremony, as the grounds was fully prepared awaiting the arrival of the President, an emergency assignment prevented his coming and he sent on his behalf, the Honourable Minister for Local Government and Rural Development in the person of Alhaj Collins Dauda and other government officials .
The occasion was chaired by Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim, the founder and Country Director of Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services (ICODEHS), the ceremony started with recitation of the Noble Qur’an by Mohammed Awwal, a student from the Arabic Department of the College, then a welcome message by Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim, then the speech of Sheikh Bandar Al Bishri, (the representative of the Board of Directors) who was introduced to the congregation and he spoke on the importance of knowledge and the effort of the Foundation in raising and promoting education in the country and ended his speech by expressing his gratitude to the Foundation and its overseas .
At this point the delivery of ceremonial speeches commenced and below is the highlights ;
Firstly; the speech of the Acting Principal of the college, Mr Salih Abdul Wahab, he gave an introduction about the college and its internal arrangements and departments, and the future of its graduates. He also gave a short history to Arabic and Islamic Education in Ghana and he ended his speech by expressing appreciation to the support they received from the Government and that of Iqra Foundation .
Secondly; the speech of the guest speaker, Sheikh Ishaq Ibrahim Nuamah, the founder who oversee the building of the college when he was working with Muntada Al Islamiyy, he gave a short history about the college, back to his stay in Saudi Arabia when he requested for funds from a philanthropist through Muntada Organization for the building of the college, he also brought to the notice of all that, the site belongs to Iqra Foundation under the care of people of Wenchi, the administration of the college and the Ministry of Education, he ended his speech by expressing appreciation to the Traditional Rulers, people of Wenchi and Iqra Foundation in particular and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at large for their continuous support towards education .
Thirdly; the speech of the representative of the Board of Directors, Sheikh Bandar Al Bishri, he gave a short introduction about the Foundation, its objectives, and the vision it has for education, he also gave statistical figures on the charity the Foundation has extended to the people of Ghana so far. He ended his speech by giving thanks to the Government for the opportunity it has offered the Foundation in implementing one of its objectives of providing higher education and standing beside us till the realization of this objective which Ghanaian children will benefit from it .
Fourthly; the speech of the Traditional Ruler of Wenchi, he expressed gratitude to the Foundation and the administration of the college in particular, beginning with Sheikh Ishaq Ibrahim Nuamah who came to Wenchi and founded the college and also appreciation to the philanthropist in Saudi Arabia who care about their brother at anywhere, the Traditional Ruler promised to stand by the Foundation and offer them whatever they would need .
Lastly; it was the speech of the Representative of the President in the person of Alhaj Collins Dauda, before he began his speech the Traditional Ruler of Wenchi presented white clothing to the Minister and thereafter walked to the stage, he gave thanks to Almighty Allah and furthered his speech by mentioning the current Government commitment towards Islamic and Arabic Education in Ghana, the establishment of Islamic Education Unit, he expressed his interest in the college and promised to stand by the Muslims in getting solutions to their needs and to confront any difficulty– may Allah prevent that. He ended his speech by expressing appreciation to the Iqra Foundation who brought up this thought and natured it over the years .
Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim, the chairperson for the occasion gave his closing remarks by summarizing the speeches of the guests, and also announced his support and that of his organization in collaborating with the administration of the college in the realization of their needs and wants. He ended his speech by saying “I am proud to be part of this historical gathering of the Muslim Community in Ghana .”
The occasion was closed by prayers from Sheikh Mohammed Kamil Mohammed, the Deputy National Imam of Ahlus-Sunnah .
It is with the above the historical event ended which brought to light the dream of people of Wenchi in particular and the Muslims of Ghana at large for having a government accredited Teacher Training College owned by the Muslims, thanks and glory are due to Allah. We ask Almighty Allah to bless and reward the donors and we also ask Allah to make this college beneficial to the Muslims of Ghana, indeed He (Allah) is able to do so .
Here are the pictures of the events and we are optimistic that it would motivate you. May Allah grant us success.

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